First Lego League – Masterpiece season

Marking our eighth year of participation, First Lego League 2023-2024 was particularly memorable as we participated in three stages: the regionals in Bucharest and Chisinau, and the nationals in Brasov.

Regionals in Bucharest

Our journey began with the regionals in Bucharest, where we proudly participated with three teams: CyberSpark, RocketKids, and Zen. The excitement was palpable as our young innovators dove into the challenges with enthusiasm and creativity.

  • CyberSpark – emerged as a standout team, earning a qualification spot for the nationals in Brasov and the prestigious Innovation Award. Their project impressed the judges with its ingenuity and practical application.
  • RocketKids – participating in their debut year, made an incredible impression by securing the Motivation Award for their outstanding robot performance. Their spirit and dedication were truly inspiring.
  • Zen – displayed commendable teamwork and technical prowess, contributing to the overall success and camaraderie of the event.

Regionals in Chisinau

The momentum continued as we headed to the regionals in Chisinau with teams Zen and CyberSpark. The event was a celebration of innovation and teamwork, with our students shining brightly.

  • Zen brought home the ‘Excellence in Engineering’ award, a testament to their exceptional design and problem-solving skills.
  • CyberSpark once again qualified for the nationals, further solidifying their position as a top contender.

The joyous atmosphere in Chisinau was filled with laughter, learning, and an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Nationals in Brasov: A Grand Finale

The culmination of our efforts led us to the nationals in Brasov, where our teams competed with the best from across the country. The spirit of competition and camaraderie was high, and our kids had a fantastic time showcasing their projects and robots.

After the intense rounds of the competition, we took the opportunity to explore the beautiful old town of Brasov. This excursion provided a perfect blend of learning, culture, and fun, making the trip an enriching experience beyond the competition.

Reflecting on the 2023-2024 FLL season, we celebrate not just the awards and recognitions, but the journey of growth, teamwork, and joy shared by our young participants. Our eighth year in the competition was marked by exceptional achievements and memorable experiences. We are incredibly proud of our teams: CyberSpark, RocketKids, and Zen, for their dedication, creativity, and enthusiasm.

The First Lego League continues to be a cornerstone of our mission to inspire and empower the next generation of innovators. We look forward to many more years of participation, nurturing young minds and witnessing their brilliance unfold. Here’s to the future, filled with more learning, fun, and groundbreaking innovations!